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How to install Netbeans on SLED 10 SP2


First go to:

On that page you will see a search box and below the search box is a selection box for the type of OS you have.

I use SLED 10 SP2.

Click on the arrow and select the OS you are there for.

Next fill in the search box with sun java.

Click on the search button and it will bring up choices of sun java.

I chose java-1_6_0-sun which is listed first.
Download the JRE of choice.
The reason you need to get JRE java is that netbeans will not work with the JRE that ships with SLED 10. It comes with 1.4. It needs at least 1.5 to work and recommends 1.6.

Next clear the search box and type in netbeans and click on the search button.
I chose the first one netbeans and downloaded it. It has all the plugins with it, at least all that I know of.

Now open up your terminal. I use gnome, so it is the gnome terminal.

At the command line type: yast2 -i /where you downloaded to/java-1_6_0-sun, may as well get the latest, and hit enter.
You will get the GUI interface for a short time then all will go back to the terminal with a fresh prompt. At least it should and did on my install.
Now, still at the terminal type in: yast2 -i /where you downloaded to/netbeans-6.1-4.1.xxxx.rpm and hit enter.
You will get the GUI again for a short time then it will disappear. You will be back at the terminal with a fresh prompt.
Now go ahead and check and see if Netbeans is installed. It should be and did for me.
From there on all you need to do is click on it and it will load. It will also ask you to fill out a form and ask to update itself.

Well there you are ENJOY.

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