How to enable your microphone in openSUSE/SLED


# Double -click the speaker icon in the menu bar of your openSUSE/SLED Desktop

# volume control | edit | preferences

1. Check the following boxes

    1. Master
    2. PCM
    3. CD
    4. Microphone
    5. Mic Boost
    6. Mic Boost (may show up twice, check both)
    7. Capture
    8. Close


# volume control

    1. Set the Master volume lever to a high value
    2. Select the “Capture” Tab
    3. Under the Microphone and the capture Levers, there are are two icons: a speaker and a microphone: Set click them to remove the red cross from them and to activate them
    4. Set the Mic and Capture levers to a high level
    5. Select File / Quit

Before (Disabled Mic):

After (Enabled Mic):

# Now, test the Microphone (from the terminal):

    1. arecord -f cd test.wav (Ctrl-C to stop)
    2. aplay test.wav
    3. Can you hear your voice? If yes, fine. If no: Sorry.. another approach to fix your problem failed. Good luck.
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