How can I use SUSE Manager in the Public Cloud?


Managing your environment just got easier. SUSE Manager is now available as BYOS (Bring Your Own Subscriptions) on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Cloud.

That means you can support hybrid application deployment by running SUSE Manager on premise and/or in public cloud environments (BYOS) without worrying about growing management costs. You can also determine the ideal mix of traditional IT environments and public cloud workloads based on your needs and rely on your existing SUSE support relationship and high level of service, with no additional cost.

How can you benefit? Here are some typical use cases:

1. SUSE Manager is running in the public cloud and is managing workloads in private data centers.
2. SUSE Manager is running in the public cloud and is managing virtual workloads in the public cloud.

3. SUSE Manager is running in the public cloud and managing workloads in various branch offices/locations e.g. if your business is expanding into new markets where a dedicated data center is not available

By running SUSE Manager in the public cloud you gain a higher level of flexibility and faster and lower bandwidth costs. There’s more. You can leverage SUSE Manager for managing growing workloads on premise and when adding cloud capacity as well. SUSE Manager also eliminates the capital expenses associated with building the physical server infrastructure and optimizing the use of server resources.

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  • Robert Schweikert rjschwei says:

    And there is of course use case 4, using SUSE Manager running in the Public Cloud to manage systems in the data center and in the Public Cloud. You can mix and match as you see fit. Just make certain to use BYOS images in the Public Cloud to connect to SUSE Manager (

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