How to Automatically Update Your System Time



The time displayed on my laptop has started to drift, getting out of sync by almost 30 minutes. I want something to automatically update my system time by checking with available time servers on the internet.


SLED 10 includes the Network Time Protocol (NTP) network service but is not enabled by default.


To run NTP each time your machine starts, do the following:

  • Open up YaST by clicking on Computer, more applications and search for YaST.
  • Click on Network Services and select the icon for NTP Client
  • I recommend selecting the option to use a random server from
  • Select the option to start the ntp server at boot time. It asks you if you really want to do this since it can cause some problems if you don’t have a permanent internet connection. Say “okay” and finish.

*When it gives you the option to test it, you probably want to do so, and then you’re off and running.

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