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Hooray for HA!


Are you an SAP architect? Want to save 80 minutes and ensure more than six 9s of availability on your SAP HANA system? Then wait no more, watch this 5-minute video and walk away happy, 🙂

For the rest of you that needs more convincing, let me do a little rewind.

In 2010, SAP raised the bar on enterprise-class data management and analytics and introduced SAP HANA — the world’s first data platform to deliver real-time analytics on live transactions. Now, 9 years later, SAP HANA is being used by more than 28,000 customers around the globe. And, SAP continues to position HANA as the core pillar of all of its future transaction, analytic and machine learning platforms. As Gerrit Kazmaier, senior vice president of SAP HANA and Analytics at SAP says – “SAP HANA is the heart and soul of SAP”.

If you are a customer, SAP is also the heart and soul of your business. And what do you not want to see happen to your heart, any heart? You don’t want it to go down. SAP HANA database is the foundation for your most mission critical applications and it is super important that these systems are running and available to users always. This requires that these systems can make faster recovery after system component failure (High Availability) or after a disaster (Disaster Recovery). This should happen without any data loss and with very very short recovery time. As the #1 Linux OS for SAP and SAP HANA, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications does just that, with built in capabilities for system replication (replicating all data to a secondary SAP HANA system constantly) and high availability.

But in order to set it up, it might take an experienced SAP administrator 60-90 minutes, through a manual install process. Or, you could use the YaST module in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications  to automate the process and be done in 10 minutes or less! YaST stands for Yet another Setup Tool (yes I know, those darn engineers sure have clever names for everything! :P), and is the installation and configuration tool for SUSE’s Linux distributions. It is both an extremely flexible installer and a powerful control center. You can think of it as an all-purpose tool for single system Linux administration. In this case, it’ll be a perfect time saver for you – Mr. Busy IT Admin. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and roll the video tutorial!

Thanks to Dell EMC for lending us the PowerEdge R940 servers that we used for creating this video. With Dell and SUSE, you have a proven combination for SAP that offers the perfect balance of performance, reliability, flexibility, scalability and great value for your enterprise dollars.


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