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High Availability for SAP: SUSE Linux Offers 99.999 Percent



Whether it is Business Suite®, NetWeaver®, ERP®, or CRM®, when it comes to the reliability of business-critical SAP systems, I have noticed that most companies are no longer willing to compromise and now demand a high availability rate up to  99.999 percent. In other words, an application must never be down for longer than 5 minutes during the course of the entire year! At the same time, however, companies have the difficult task of keeping a tight rein on their IT expenditure.

Successful practical examples confirm that with SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension, companies can kill two birds with one stone – ensuring uninterrupted use of their SAP systems while noticeably easing the strain on their budgets.

Consequently, SUSE Linux offers a certified clustering solution for integration in SAP NetWeaver, which increases reliability, ensures redundancy, and allows rapid failover to standby systems. With SAP certification of SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension, reference architecture was defined that helps to ensure customers can count on fast, compliant implementation of high-availability scenarios for running SAP solutions.




Savings with Open Source

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension is an extension of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, a Linux-based operating system recommended by SAP. Customers such as the Italian fashion retailer Calzedonia rely on this open-source operating system to ensure the continuous availability of even very large SAP system environments

To further reduce the effort necessary for planning, implementing, and testing highly available SAP system environments, SUSE has developed best practices together with SAP partners and customers. A SUSE white paper provides information about which scenarios can be implemented using SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension.

Data Is the Most Important Asset

Data is the most important asset of a company – if it is not available, this can have dramatic economic consequences. Have you ever considered what would happen if your ordering system was down for a prolonged period of time or if your point-of-sale system was temporarily unavailable on a regular basis?




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