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High Availability is easy with SUSE and SAP – free training


Your business implemented SAP to get a 360-degree view into your customers’ buying habits, expectations and sentiment. Availability of these workloads is critical for the smooth operation of thousands of companies’ operations. Even the smallest amount of downtime can have a major impact both financially and in business reputation.

SUSE Knows High Availability

Here at SUSE, we have been providing High Availability solutions specifically tailored for SAP workloads running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for over two decades. These solutions protect our customers against failure anywhere in the hardware and software stack supporting their key SAP workloads.

However, deploying these solutions can be complex. Not anymore.

We are happy to announce that SUSE is partnering with SAP’s openSAP training platform to offer you a free 5-week training course. This course will specifically teach you the basics of how to correctly deploy a HA cluster using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

About the FREE SUSE High Availability Course

The SUSE HA course will begin on 9 March, 2021 with new modules released each week. Students who attend each week and complete online assessments will be awarded a course completion certificate.

During the 5 weeks of the course, a forum will be available for students to meet and discuss with other students, as well as receive answers from the course author to specific questions. At the end of the course the content will remain available on openSAP for anyone to review.

Sign up now to take part

To register for this free training, visit the openSAP page, and select “Enroll me now.”

And did we mention that it is free?

Our earlier collaboration with openSAP on basic Linux training is still available, and full details of all SUSE training offerings can be found on our website.

About openSAP

openSAP is an industry leading Massively Online Open Course (MOOC) platform providing students with access to a wide range of self-paced training options.


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