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Helping IBM Accelerate Its Customers Time to Value


It sure is nice to have customers who are happy with your product. But even nicer is hearing from your customers that their customers are happy too. Recently I had a chance to chat with Jim Lawrie, Product Manager and Aman Lalla, Software Development Analyst in IBM’s Information Management group. I learned that by delivering the Smart Analytics System in a new format as part of the SUSE Appliance Program, IBM customers are able to get business insights and make smart decisions with technology that is easy to implement out of the box.

We’ve been fortunate to work with IBM and our SUSE Appliance Program over the past few years. Using the SUSE Appliance Toolkit and leveraging support from the program, IBM built self-contained, optimized versions of its Smart Analytics System that are ready to go for today’s mid-sized businesses.

Lawrie, a product manager with the Smart Analytics Systems group in IBM’s information management team, explained the company’s vision for software appliances in a case study and accompanying podcast posted yesterday.

“Using SUSE Appliance tools”, he said, “IBM and our business partners we were able to cut deployment time for a software image from a week and a half down to 10 hours for a larger systems and four hours for a smaller system. This enables the company to bring offerings to market quicker and less expensively. IBM has been able to expand the market for its products by bringing an offering to customer without forcing them to invest the time and expense of picking components, testing them and installing them. It shortens the time to value. “

Later in the podcast, Jim also talks about how software appliances have benefited IBM’s channel partners, allowing them to focus on their core competencies while being able to reach out to get new business that deliver results for their customers even quicker.

These compelling results are similar to what we found in some of our own market research and are one reason why the SUSE Appliance Program is continuing its momentum this year, thanks to active, innovative partners like IBM. To learn more, check out the podcast and case study for more details. And for more on how other ISVs are leveraging the SUSE Appliance Program, go here.

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