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Hack Week Engineer Spotlight: Federica Teodori


It is day three of our SUSE Hack Week spotlights and we’re still going strong!


Today’s Hacker…



Federica Teodori


Technical Project Manager/Product Owner Containers and Orchestration solutions




Q: Thank you for letting me place the spotlight on you Federica! Tell me a little about yourself.

A: I’m originally Italian, but I’ve been living abroad since quite a while. Apart from the widely spread hobbies among engineers (videogames, RPGs, fantasy, sci-fi, comics, …) I have a very strong interest in Asia and Asian languages. Perhaps the weirdest thing about me is my obsession for theme parks, especially roller coasters – I am an adrenaline junkie.

Q: I’m sure that will make for some very interesting projects! Speaking of projects, what are you working on for Hack Week?

A: Together with my team we are working on our Container as a Service Platform as we are only few days away from the launch of the early access program.

I strongly believe containers are revolutionizing the industry on a technical level but also creating a mindset shift.  Many of the solutions currently available are far from being approachable by a broad audience and this is a gap we’re trying to close.

Alongside this I am also working on improving my understanding of Chinese culture and what traction agile methodologies currently have in Asia.

Q: Very interesting! Seems like you’re not afraid to tackle the difficult. So what would you say is the most difficult project you’ve worked on?

A: Each project has a different set of challenges associated to it, but I wouldn’t be able to say which was “harder”. I could eventually say which was the most interesting and that’s exactly what I love about my job.

Q: SUSE is the open “OPEN” company. What does “open” mean to you?

A: “Open” means a lot to me. The main aspect is perhaps the possibility to give back to the community at least a fraction of what I received in all those years. “Open” also means that there is an unlimited sea of knowledge available to those interested in picking it up. Each one of us is the sole person responsible for setting their own limit.

Q: What did you want to be growing up?

A: A cartoonist/comic book artist.

Q: Any advice to young girls and guys looking to break into the field?

A: I would give the same advice to both genders as I do not believe gender is any relevant here: If you have an interest, just go for it and find your space. There is a whole world of opportunities for anyone willing to take the challenge.

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