Hack Week … If you are part of SUSE, you are eagerly awaiting it. If you are following SUSE regularly, you surely heard about it. If you have no clue what it is, you should inform yourself. Because it is one of the most intelligent and motivating ways to foster open source contribution AND innovation!

Hack Week – at least at SUSE – is a week-long kind of development `sprint´. It permits not only engineers but also colleagues from other departments to dedicate their time on special projects. No matter if you want to give a shot at new and fancy development ideas, if you want to work on something entirely of their own design, or if you want to invest more time in an already existing project, you can do so as long as your engagement is related to free and open source software.

But it is not limited to just that. If you are an artistic woodcarver, and want to “whoop it up” – just sharpen your knife and start. If you always dreamt of inventing a parlor game, but never found time to really go in details – just try it now. It would be desirable though that all these things happen in a bigger context of collaboration and innovation – and SUSE. No wonder that previous Hack Weeks – besides great technologies – did bear unrivaled projects. The famous SUSE LOUD band, our Chameleon Harmonists, or even the characteristic wooden Chameleon at the reception area in the Nuremberg office are great examples.

Since 2007, Hack Week is an inherent part of the SUSE development calendar. It is the time of the year where our developers can experiment with code and freely exercise their creativity, without being interrupted by their daily work. Edition #17 takes place from Monday 09 July until Friday 13 July 2018. Everybody can submit project proposals, and everybody is free to join any of the proposed projects (yes, also if you are not working at SUSE). Have a look yourself at, check out the many ideas to see if you want to contribute to the one or other, send your own topic and partner with congenial minds.

But always remember: Hack Week is a happy and constructive event. The basic philosophy and atmosphere stimulates an open-minded and respectful interaction:  support ideas you like, ignore ideas you don’t like; help to improve ideas of others, and accept help to improve your own.

Expect to see and hear more from your SUSE documentation team during Hack Week. Happy Hacking!

Disclaimer: The text at hand has not been reviewed by a native speaker. If you find typos or language mistakes, please send them to me ( – or if you like them, just keep them and feed them. 

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