Guest Blog: SUSE Linux Enterprise & Amazon: Helping the cloud make cents (and dollars)


by Kevin Foster, Solution Marketing Manager

Every time you turnaround, someone is talking about “the cloud” and its power. Analyst firms are forecasting billions of dollars being spent on cloud computing and pundits are predicting the cloud will redefine the current standards for computing. But do most people really know what any of that means? More importantly, do they know specifically how to maximize the cloud for profit.

That’s where Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Novell step in. We are teaming up to deliver a webcast that will show ISVs and developers how the combination of Amazon EC2 Running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server helps them to grow their business in the cloud. Our two companies collectively offer our joint customers flexibility, reliability, security, and manageability at a low cost.

The webcast is scheduled for February 15, 2011 at 3 pm ET. Click here to register for the event. Not only will you hear more details about the value propositions of our collaborative efforts, you will also learn of innovative tools such as SUSE Studio which can simplify the building and deploying of your solutions to the cloud. Lastly, attendees will qualify to receive a limited free trial on AWS to begin experimenting with Amazon EC2 Running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

When two IT leaders come together, good things are bound to happen. Look forward to seeing you on February 15th!

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