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Greetings from “The Big Easy” and Nutanix .NEXT


We’re just finishing up here at the Nutanix .NEXT event in New Orleans, and I have to say – what a city, and what an event!

Here in “The Big Easy”, as New Orleans is affectionately called, Nutanix has been showing partners and customers how easy it is to deploy and gain benefit from “hyper-converged, software-defined and platform-ready business infrastructure – that revolutionizes computing as we know it”, as described by Inder Sidhu, EVP global customer success and business operations at Nutanix.

Inder explains that the key to Nutanix’ success thus far is in large part based on an understanding of how convergence provides better value. The example he points to is Apple. He refers to when comedian Jerry Seinfeld once jokingly commented that the iPhone is wrongly named. “Why do they call it an iPhone? No one uses it to call. We just text and email and browse and take pictures.” Exactly! The iPhone is so much more than a phone. It’s a camera, video recorder, music player, Internet browser, email device, GPS navigator, and more. It’s a workout companion, alarm clock and weather forecaster in the palm of your hand.

Convergence is a big reason why, and Nutanix is really doing the same thing. Nutanix combines network infrastructure components that customers typically buy from several companies such as servers, storage devices and virtualization software, and make it all work together in a much better, seamless integrated way. What could be easier?

So, what is SUSE bringing to the mix?

Well, let’s say you want to gain the benefits of private cloud infrastructure, such as available with OpenStack, combined with the hyper-convergence benefits of Nutanix. SUSE and Nutanix have got you covered! SUSE OpenStack Cloud simplifies OpenStack complexity and Nutanix removes data center infrastructure complexity.

Let’s say you want to run your Linux applications and workloads on Nutanix. Well, you’d undoubtedly want to deploy on THE enterprise Linux certified and supported on AHV – and that would be SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Now that’s a Big Easy, if you ask me.

For existing Nutanix customers, SUSE Linux Enterprise and SUSE OpenStack Cloud provide the enterprise-grade open source alternatives that include open APIs to increase flexibility, portability and a guard against vendor lock-in. For existing SUSE customers, Nutanix provides the ideal option for infrastructure deployment where customers want the simplicity that hyper-convergence provides, and the value represented by a single, flexible, unified software plane – a single unified stack. With Nutanix and SUSE, customers are freed to use any combination of technologies they choose. They no longer have to spend their time and energy thinking about infrastructure; instead they can focus on the business applications that take their organizations forward.

Learn more about Nutanix and SUSE. Get details on Nutanix and SUSE OpenStack Cloud.


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