Grease Monkey: Customizing Web Pages as per your Requirements


If you are troubled by popup advertisements you use pop-up blockers. But how do you handle advertisements that are within web pages and bug you, since they are many times irrelevant and annoying. Well Its now time to control the look n feel and contents using Grease Monkey.

What is Grease Monkey?

Greasemonkey gives you the flexibility to change look n feel and contents of your favorite web pages. It is basically a plugin for the firefox web browser.

How to use Grease Monkey?

First of all you will need to have the firefox 1.5 browser installed on your system. Older version of firefox do not support grease monkey.

Next, You will need to download and install Grease Monkey. It is available for download at

Once you have downloaded it install the plugin for mozilla and restart the browser.

Now to use the real power of Grease Monkey you will need to write a script.Or There are many scripts that are freely available for download.

Check out for a complete official collection of Grease Monkey

To install a script:

Click Tools > “Install User Script” command

Get a whole a new experience the next time you visit your favorite site for which you just installed a script above.

Those of you who know javascript will be quick enough to write your own script.

For those of you who are not using Mozilla Firefox, some equivalents are as follows:

For Internet Explorer, GreasemonkIE, Trixie and Turnabout offer similar functionality. Creammonkey is available for the Safari browser. As both Opera and Firefox support the W3C DOM, many Greasemonkey user scripts also work correctly on Opera.

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