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Google Analytics adopts Privacy Shield


This means SUSE can use Google Analytics(GA) on all web site content without fear of infringing on the Privacy Shield agreement between the US and the EU.

We currently use GA to help improve the path to the most wanted content on our sites. These include:

  • Trial Downloads
  • Product information
  • Documentation
  • Communities

We care about user privacy and we are happy that Google moved in a direction that allows us to continue to provide great user experience and protect the privacy of our visitors.

Below is the official announcement from Google.

Google Analytics adopts Privacy Shield
August 29, 2016
Today, we’re glad to announce that we have self-certified our adherence to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework.
The Privacy Shield establishes a new framework for transfers of personal data from Europe to the United States. It is a significant milestone for the protection of Europeans’ personal data, legal certainty of transatlantic businesses, and trust in the digital economy.
From now on, Google has committed to applying the Privacy Shield’s principles and safeguards to EU-U.S. transfers of personal data, by default. No action is required on our customers’ part. Google’s certificate will soon be accessible here.


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