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One year after introducing a new kind of Open Build Service (OBS) worker machines, the ‘lambkins’, the openSUSE Build Service – which is the public instance of OBS used for development of the openSUSE distribution and for offering packages from the same source for Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise and other distributions – got a big hardware refresh! The new machines, sponsored by SUSE (THANK YOU!!), are equipped with:

  • 2,8GHz AMD Opteron Processors (6348)
  • 256 GB RAM
  • one 120 GB SSD

Four of them are located in a chassis with a height of 2 units and run 12-16 workers on them (virtual machines, that are building packages).

This new build power allowed us to remove some of the old machines from the pool. The unified hardware makes the management of the machines a lot easier now, even if there are still the most powerful old machines left.

For those who like to see some more pictures, feel free to check the rest of the entry…

Here you can see the backside of two racks, containing 8×4 servers and 2 switches.

This is the view on some OBS worker racks from the back. The big white one on the left contains old x86 machines, the four in the middle contain the lamb workers, the rack on the right side contains the cloud workers.

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  • dragon788 says:

    That is some nice looking hardware. Always good to see that even older hardware doesn’t go to waste.

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