Getting All the Benefits of your SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Eval Software


Evaluation of Novell products is all about ease of use. But it is easy to
overlook the Evaluation Activation Key. Here is how you get it.

Your SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 evaluation can be rolled into production just by purchasing an Upgrade Protection License at the end of the 60 day evaluation

Novell’s SLES 10 and SLED 10 Activation Keys are registered differently than
SLES 9 and NLD 9. Other than this distinction, noted in PART B below, getting
an evaluation is the same for all four of these products.

Getting a SUSE Linux Enterprise evaluation with 60 Days of Patches.

PART A: Go to

  1. Click on download of choice
  2. Click on “Proceed to download”
  3. Create a eLogin if you do not already have one
  4. Login with you eLogin
  5. Be sure and scroll down the page and click on “Activation Code”
  6. Write down this Activation Code
  7. Click on View “Installation Instructions” for some helpful details
  8. Download the desired ISOs.

PART B: Register your Activation Key

SLES 10 and SLED 10 (Novell’s New and going forward registration system)

From the console of your installed SLES or SLED 10 system go to

  1. Menu Button in the lower left hand corner >> System >> YaST
  2. From within YaST stay on the default parent item in the left “Software”
  3. Click on the “Novell Customer Center Configuration” from the right hand menu
  4. Click “Next” to activate the process
  5. When the browser opens and connects to the Novell Customer Center, enter
  6. Email and Activation Code

An Update Server will be added to your Installation Sources and you can now get Patches, Fixes and Updates for the 60 day Evaluation period.

SLES 9 (SLES’s legacy registration system)

Go to

  1. Log in with your eLogin
  2. Mouse over “Products and Subscriptions” and
  3. Click on “Activate Product/Subscriptions”
  4. Enter your 14 digit activation code
  5. Click on “Activate”

It is now possible to get your 60 days of patches for SLES by entering your
Novell username and password during a YaST Online Update or by manually
downloading Service Packs and patches.

Product that have released Service Packs

One of the prime features of Service Packs (SPs) for SLES is that SPs contain
support for new hardware that comes onto the market as well as a roll up of
all previously released patches and previous SPs.

SLES SPs are bootable. They can be used to kick off an installation of SLES
and thereby front load the drivers for newer or newly supported hardware.

  1. Go to ( )
  2. Click on “Patches” under “Support”
  3. Under the heading “Linux Updates and Patches” click on “by Category”
  4. Click on “Service Pack”
  5. Select most current SP and architecture of choice
  6. Download the first disks of the respective SP. It is highly recommended that you md5sum check your downloads. (The last ISO in a series is generally source code and therefore not needed for installation.)

Either kick off an installation with disk #1 of the respective SP or apply the
SP to the SLES installation with the YaST “Patch CD Update” module.

How to Get Customer Care with a Novell evaluation or Purchase

If you have trouble with this process?

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