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Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference Frankfurt 2019


In a week’s time, team SUSE will be heading to Frankfurt, Germany for this year’s Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference. Hundreds of attendees from all around Europe will be paying Kap Europa Congress Centre in Frankfurt a visit – to network, speak to exhibitors, pick up valuable nuggets of information from the Gartner analysts, attend sessions to learn more about the latest happenings in IT infrastructure and operations and enjoy all that the beautiful city of Frankfurt has to offer.

The data centre is dead?

I will be speaking at the event alongside my colleague Stephane Nguyen about the death of the data centre. This is a topic that, in the cloud age we live in, gets a fair amount of discussion and coverage – surely everyone is moving everything to the public cloud, so what do we need data centres for? If you’re at the event, then please do join us at 15:35 on Tuesday 4th June as we discuss public cloud, private cloud, containers, the shifting geopolitical landscape and how these all relate to one another.

Shifting ground

As Gartner themselves put it, the ground is shifting for IT infrastructure and operations. The technology around us is moving very fast, and while no-one can deny the importance of public cloud, private cloud remains equally relevant to enterprises today as they look for the right platform to host their most business critical and legacy applications. In addition, the rise of containers and application delivery technologies continues to excite and concern infrastructure and operations teams around the world as they try to work out what to do with this new, shiny technology. All this, plus the skills gap remains a constant issue, as IT teams battle to keep the lights on, deliver value to their business and remain relevant. The Gartner event is a great place to come to hear more about these technologies, and find out how new trends in technologies (and indeed older technologies) can benefit your organization.

Musical cheese?

One of the delights of travel for me is the chance to sample new flavours. Frankfurt is famous for its apfelwein (apple wine, or hard cider), frankfurter sausages (of course), but one other local specialty is Handkäs mit Musik. This is a hand-shaped cheese (hence the first part of its name). Why with music? Well, when the cheese is topped with chopped onions, it becomes a musical cheese as the onions are support to stimulate flatulence! Possibly one to avoid just before getting onto the flight home though!

If you’re attending the event, why not come along to visit the SUSE booth (booth S7, on level one near Theatre 2) – pick up a chameleon, meet the team, and find out more about how the world’s largest independent open source company has been making open source easier for enterprises for more than 25 years.


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