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Fujitsu’s Commitment to OpenStack Open Source


At the SUSECon 2015 conference, Dr. Wolfgang Ries from Fujitsu talked about why and how Fujitsu is contributing to Open Source software projects in his break-out session. First of all, he emphasized the fact that Fujitsu now is not only involved in the open source world, but is seriously committed to be part of it and contribute to it, which he illustrated with this picture:


The best proof of this is that Fujitsu recently made its first ever full-product contribution to the Open Source world: Open Service Catalog Manager (OSCM) is Fujitsu’s market-proven solution for managing the cloud-related marketplace or enterprise store. With Open Service Catalog Manager, any type of “as a Service” offering (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) can be easily deployed, managed and ordered by end users.

In fact, with Open Service Catalog Manager, ServerView Cloud Load Control and ServerView Cloud Monitoring Manager, Fujitsu has now released three products which are contributions to the open source world.

With these three products, interconnected on an open source base, Fujitsu reacts to the IT challenge of today which can be summarized as “highest possible automation”.

ServerView Cloud Load Control (CLC) is a new software product for managing containerized workload in large-scale IT environments. It decouples applications from infrastructure, and decomposes the applications. It enhances “Kubernetes”, an open-source project initiated by Google, for enterprise usage and operation on OpenStack. ServerView Cloud Load Control is able to provide Kubernetes clusters by one click.

ServerView Cloud Monitoring Manager (CMM) allows enterprises to manage, track, and optimize their OpenStack cloud services they provide to end users, including the underlying infrastructure. It is based on the OpenStack project Monasca, which focuses on multi-tenant and scalability features not otherwise found in open source monitoring solutions.

Fujitsu Software Cloud Service PICCO, a tool for multi-cloud financial management, completes the story as shown in the following picture.

demo story

In this context, Fujitsu highly relies on the integration with SUSE OpenStack Cloud:


The project implementing this integration is Fujitsu OpenStack Services (FOS), an integrated computing platform from Fujitsu Central Europe.


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