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Fujitsu Forum wrap up – one amazing event


Last week, I was at Fujitsu Forum, the premier event in EMEA for Fujitsu. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, we recently announced an expansion in our relationship and you can literally feel the momentum building with Fujitsu, especially at this event.

Our own Alan Clark was invited to participate in a Fujitsu media panel that focused on how to digitize with confidence. One of the most important points of this discussion was how disruptive digital transformation will be over the coming years – IT will probably look nothing like its current form in the next five years! – and how cloud will be at the center of the change. It was a great discussion with some lively questions at the end – you can see for yourself here.

Michael Stanscheck, enterprise storage sales in central Europe, also had an opportunity to discuss SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 with Engelbert Hormannsdorfer for Speicherguide, a web property focused on storage. You can read the article and view the interview with Michael here (in German but you can use an in-browser translator to read the article in your native language).

I would be remiss in not sharing the amazing-ness (I know, not a word J) of Fujitsu Forum. This event took over all of the International Congress in Munich, Germany. There is so much goodness going on it was very hard to take in everything I wanted to see. SUSE saw a lot of traffic to the booth where we showed off SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Enterprise Storage. Take my advice and make plans to visit next year.

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