From Monster Savings from Virtualization on Sesame Street


See why the VP of Information Services at Sesame Street Workshop turned to virtualization to solve his budget crunch and keep from running out of room in his data center.


Sesame had been spending approximately $250,000 every three years on hardware and support for its Sun Solaris servers, Broadwater says. The new approach combined 25 virtual machines onto 4 physical servers within a blade center and reduced that cost to $24,000 every 3 years, he says. Broadwater’s team also consolidated 10 servers including application, image and log servers onto 4 physical boxes. When done with its virtualization effort, the company will reclaim 2 racks worth of space in its already cramped data center, and reduce power consumption by 15 percent, Broadwater estimates.

As for why he went with Novell SUSE Linux, comfort played a part here. “We’ve had Novell in the data center a long time — nothing against Red Hat [and its Linux products,]” Broadwater says. “With Novell, I knew what my support was, I knew how to work that system.”

“The plan is, within the next three years, to be off Solaris completely,” moving over to as much Linux as possible on servers, Broadwater says. “I looked around at what I saw with my engineers. I told my engineers ‘Every one of you knows Linux. If there’s a problem with the base OS, if it’s Linux, any one of you can fix it.’ Today my Solaris guy can’t fix Windows problems,” he says. “It [virtualizing on Linux] also makes our disaster recoverya lot simpler.”

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