by Tim Poth

So one day I went looking for SUSE / Novell themes for my phone but
could not find any so I decided to make my own. This is the outcome of
that endeavor. I am by no means an artist and have poor color sense so
if you have any tweaks, ideas, or images please send them over.

Copy the TSK files in to your windows directory on your Pocket PC and
they should show up in your theme list. These themes were tested with a
windows mobile 6 device (att tilt) so if they don’t look right or don’t
work under older devices I’m sorry. If the color theme loads but the
image does not it is because your screen size is not compatible with the
screen size used in the theme (I’m expecting square screens not to work)
If this is the case you can either e-mail me and I will try to find a
setting that works for your device or you can try to fix it yourself.

The png are the source images I used to create the themes, if you want
to really tweak what I have done though they would make it much easier.
If you are happy with the themes as they are you do not need to copy
them to your device.

The utility I used to build these themes can be found here: the
site is in French but there is an English download and a English
tutorial. If you create any cool themes please send them over.

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