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To help in using Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 to the fullest, I have created a couple of Addon Discs you can use to enhance SLED11 Service Pack 1. The discs do include most of the libraries needed to have full multimedia playback functionality, along with many of the applications that I use on a regular basis that are not available on the official media.

You can download the addon discs at:

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  • ecyoung says:

    Thank you for these! If only such basic functionality as full multimedia playback were a default part of the SLED install, SLED might gain a greater foothold in my organization.

  • pbaity says:

    Hello, The URL is timing out, resulting in “taking too long to respond” error. Perhaps the onrush of Linux desktop users is more than the web server can handle! Please advise.
    Thanks, Paul.

  • ivsa says:

    I can’t download!

  • svalx says:

    Your tracker not responding.

  • abrantes_araujo says:


    Finally a easy way to add indispensable features to a SLED! Please, do you have a 64 bits version of you CD/DVD?

    Thanks very much for sharing your work with us!

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