Print to DjVu through KPrinter


This is a pseudo-printer for creation of djvu files (files with very
high compression ratio) by printing from any application via kprinter.

When choosing an existing file for saving, it is possible to append to
the file.

Script ps2djvu4kdeprint should be put somewhere in the path (e.g. /usr/local/bin).

Parameters of the script ps2djvu4kdeprint:

   -r<resolution> -c<1 or 0> <ps file name>
   1 means 'print in color', 0 means 'black&white printing'

It can be used as a stand-alone tool for conversion of ps files to djvu.

Used packages: kdialog, netpbm (>=10.21) and djvulibre

For Kdeprint setting one can add to
a new printer section with parameters:

   Comment=Local file
   Description=Print to Djvu file
   Name=Print to file (Djvu)

and put the files ps2djvu.desktop and ps2djvu.xml to the directory ~/.kde/share/apps/kdeprint/filters

Then it should be possible to choose the pseudo-printer ‘Print to Djvu file’ and change its options (resolution, color) in kdeprint dialog.

Tested under SUSE Linux 10.0.

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