Many a times, it might be required mounting shared files either from Windows or Linux on the Linux machine. This script will help in viewing/Mounting the shared files.

If you want to execute this script as a Command, do the following:

  • Step 1:
    Change the permissions of the script
    Ex: chmod 777
  • Step 2:
    Copy the file to /root/bin

  • Step 3:
    allShare [It works like a command]

How to use:

  1. Run the above script/command on the console.
  2. Provide the required inputs, viz., Mount Location, Shared Location, etc.

For ex, while mounting the files:

If the files are from Windows, provide an input like: //<IP_Addr>/<Shared_Directory>
Ex: //

If the files are from Linux, provide an input like: <IP_Addr>:/<Shared_Directory>

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