DHCP Lease Data Monitoring Utility


This is a tool that retrieves and displays the lease data kept in the lease file on a Linux DHCP server. The utility was designed to help administrators and testing team to audit or monitor DHCP leases information. Various feature like filtering of the records based on start/end lease date or binding state is offered. Also an option has provided to save the lease information into a more common readable format.

    *For the this utility to work JAVA should be present on the machine.

How to Use the file:

To compile the file from a terminal type:

javac DHCP_Audit.java <enter>

To run the tool type:

java DHCP_Audit -f "path/fileName" <enter>

Where path/fileName is the name of lease data file that exists on a Linux DHCP Server.


java DHCP_Audit -f /var/lib/dhcp/db/dhcp.leases <enter>
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