The cupsInfo script gathers CUPS-related information to help in troubleshooting CUPS issues. The following information is obtained in the script execution process:

1. Rights and permissions on each file installed by cups
2. Rights on specific directories.
3. Content of specific files.
4. Miscellaneous commands.
lstat –v
lsof -i TCP:631
rpm -qa | egrep ‘^cups|^foomatic|^ghostscript|^hplip’|sort –d
tail -n 100 /var/log/cups/error_log

Installation Instructions

1. Download cupsInfo.tgz

2. Open a Terminal window and type “su”

3. Enter root’s password

4. Extract the script from the tarball

#tar –xzvf cupsInfo.tgz

5. Make the script executable.

#chmod 755

6. Run the script

Note: Using a –h will display other parameter options if desired.

7. Default execution of this script will create a file in the current directory called cupsInfo.txt.

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  • jmeldrum76 says:


    Thanks for the great script it have been very helpful in troubleshooting CUPS issues.



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