As a Network Administrator you should document your installation’s ….

One easy way to accomplish this is ClipBoard2file.exe. You can call ClipBoard2file with a file Name like InstallOES2 and a starting number. Every PrintScreen will be saved as an .bmp file with a auto increment Number and your given File name.

You do not need to take any further actions, just press ALT-PrntScrn for every installation step.

For every new installation Chapter stop ClipBoard by pressing CTLR-C and start it again with a new file Name, and the starting number one higher as your last captured Screen.

At least convert the BIG bmp files to smaller Graphics like .jpg or .png with a batch converter like IrfanView.


ClipBoard2file: Write Images from Windows ClipBoard to numbered and named files.

Start ClipBoard2file and press PrtScrn or Alt-PrtScrn to capture your Desktop

or active Window to a file.

Press CTRL-C to exit the program.

usage: ClipBoard2file [options]


-f or –file Filename_without_extension_and_Path
-i first_file_number
-? or –help This help Screen


ClipBoard2file -f InstallOES2 -i 20

Tested with WindowsXP and Vista

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