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openSUSE Linux Rants
– Free “Intro to Linux” Course Now Available

by Scott Morris

The “Intro to Linux” online course is done via email. It is completely free. People register for the class, and receive an ebook via email every few days containing the next class of the course. Its goal is to be the most basic introduction to Linux possible. So basic that anyone who could possibly be interested in learning Linux can do it through this course. Your 7-year-old daughter or your 98-year-old uncle. Your brother who has never even seen a computer before (ok, that one may be a bit of a stretch). Anyone and everyone should have a basic understanding of Linux once they have completed the course.

Here is a brief list of what the course covers:

  • What is Linux, exactly?
  • Are you sure Linux isn’t that hard to use? I heard that it was!
  • Why do people like to use Linux so much?
  • Is Linux really a serious operating system? Who is actually using it?
  • I’ve heard several things about Linux. Which are fact and which are fiction?
  • What is the easiest way to transition over to using Linux?
  • Is there a program like Internet Explorer? Outlook? Photoshop?
  • How do I get Linux? How do I then install it?
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