Forecast for SUSECON is cloudy with a chance of stress balls!


With three weeks to go until SUSECON 2016 takes place we already know that there will be lots of cloud-related sessions available to attend – currently the session catalog lists 39 sessions you can add to your schedule.

At over 25% of all sessions it is clear that clouds will feature in our future IT whether forecasts. No, that’s not a misspelling, as we have to ask ourselves whether or not to include clouds in our current and future IT strategies. Even as an individual it is clear that if you are not already aware of clouds and available solutions to implement them then you should start to change that.

Hopefully you are already aware that SUSE has a cloud solution, SUSE OpenStack Cloud, which as the name suggests is based on OpenStack, the leading open solution for private clouds.

If you are attending SUSECON you might want to attend Getting Started with SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6. During this session I will first present a quick overview of OpenStack and SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6. I will then take you through setting up a development environment so that you can gain some experience of the latter, whether as part of deciding on or deploying SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6, or even just for personal development.

As for stress balls, I am sure you will find some available during the conference!

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