Fix Novell Linux Desktop VMWare Image


ENVIRONMENT: VMware Workstation 5 (Win32 version)

PROBLEM: Novell provides a VMware image of Novell Linux Desktop. Unfortunately, a few small problems prevent it working on the Windows version of VMware workstation or Player.

SOLUTION: Firstly, it appears that the VMware image was built using VMware for Linux. In VMware Workstation, edit the device details for the virtual machine’s floppy and CDROM drive to make them automatic (or select the Windows drive of your choice).

Next, we need to see what we are doing (booting normally will lead to a very colourful screen!). Begin the guest OS boot sequence. When the Grub loader screen appears enter the number 3 into the ‘Boot Options’ line. (Make sure you have clicked into the VMware window first). This will boot Linux into runlevel 3 (text mode).

Once the OS has booted, login with the username ‘root’ and password ‘novell’.

To fix the network problem, change directory to /etc/sysconfig/network and rename the file ifcfg-eth-id-XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX to ifcfg-eth0 (where the X’s are numbers referring to a MAC address). Use bash’s file completion facility (the tab key) to make life easier.

To fix the GUI problem, install VMware tools:

Mount the CD or CD image to /mnt (mount /dev/cdrom /mnt)

Change directory to /tmp

Extract the zipped tar file using the command:

    tar zxf /mnt/VMwareTools-5.5.0-18463.tar.gz
    (the name of the file will vary, so check first).

Important: Once unzipped, unmount the cdrom (umount /mnt)

Run the installer script (cd to /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib and run ./

Accept the default answers to each question. When prompted to build kernel-specific modules, decline (no C compiler is installed). Choose your display size.

Once this is complete the xserver will try to start, and fail. Reboot the guest OS (type ‘reboot’) without any boot options, and it should start OK.

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