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Exploring the Utter Coolness of Integrated Systems


Integrated systems are cool.

I know this already, of course, but when I talk to people like Sabine Soellheim, who does solutions marketing for integrated systems (among other things), I get an excellent reminder in what’s cool about the technology.

On the surface, it always seems to be such a simple thing – you have a device you want to build and it needs a pretty complex software platform to run. You could either build the platform yourself, which gives you absolute control over the device but cost your organization a huge amount of work.

Or you can use someone else’s platform and save a lot of time, but (depending on the platform) cost yourself control of the device at the operating system level.

But here’s the thing with SUSE’s approach: you get a powerful, flexible OS and you don’t have to give up any control. That’s what we call an integrated system. Your technology, our technology, working together.

And it works, for lots of companies. NCR, Siemans, Fujitsu… and dozens of other top IT services vendors. They’re all using it to build medical devices, specialized database hardware, or point-of-sale devices.

The reason why this works is because it’s a simple solution all the way down. With SUSE Linux, you can pick and choose the components your device needs, tossing out the ones the device doesn’t use and modifying the others to meet the specs for your hardware and software. Tools like SUSE Studio make this process much easier to manage, automating updates and standardizing builds. Support isn’t a worry, because support will be there.

Like I said, cool.

But what’s best about our intrgated systems is that they just work. Enabling commerce, processing data, and saving lives. Without fanfare, without hoopla.

SUSE’s integrated systems don’t require a little green “SUSE Inside”-type logo… but if they did, there’d be a lot more green in the world.

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