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Embedded Systems and SUSE


For over two decades, SUSE has been a leading force in the development and advancement of Linux solutions. Over the years, the company has evolved with the times by paying careful attention to the needs of its customers, and by also keeping a watchful eye on the future in order to maintain a leading position in the Linux market and beyond. In doing so, SUSE has been able to expand its portfolio into solutions like Open Stack Cloud and Software-defined storage, while developing powerful processes and tools to support its partners and customers.

As the adoption and use of Linux continues to expand across a wide range of industries and market segments, one area where the platform is rapidly gaining popularity is within Embedded systems.

Hardware, devices, or appliances that run a fixed-function operating system are already all around us, from ATMs, point of sale terminals, and security cameras, to medical imaging and even electric vehicles. As the pervasiveness of embedded systems continues to expand, it is increasingly important for companies to be agile in this rapidly changing environment, while not compromising the fundamentals like system security and reliability.

suse-on-raspberry-piBroader connectivity and information sharing through such products creates tremendous opportunity across many industries, and these systems will play an increasingly important role in the way people and businesses consume, capture, share, store, and leverage data. Yet, developing embedded systems can be a complicated endeavor that presents unique challenges and demands on the teams tasked to build and maintain them. That’s where SUSE comes in.

Built on the SUSE Enterprise Linux server, SUSE Embedded systems allow developers and engineers to select only the packages that are optimal to the functionality and requirements of the product. And that is what SUSE Embedded does, provides the ability to utilize the best of SUSE Linux (with access to its Linux experts) on a product.

As a result, SUSE is able to provide embedded customers and partners like Tyco, Unisys, and Teradata, with enterprise-level benefits designed to help organizations go-to-market faster, improve efficiencies in development and management, and keep costs down.

With a proven history of leveraging the power of Linux and the open source community, SUSE Embedded solutions deliver:

  • Security and reliability for a wide range of industry applications
  • Design, development, and contractual flexibility for embedded systems
  • Unrivaled support from Linux experts throughout a product lifecycle

Now you know. SUSE Embedded is already delivering the best of embedded Linux for manufacturers and organizations developing products across a wide range of industries, and is yet another natural fit within SUSE’s growing solution and product portfolio.

Stay tuned to the blog for more information about SUSE Embedded solutions, or better still, contact us today to learn more about why Linux is the fastest growing platform for embedded systems, and why SUSE is the right choice, and the right partner.

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