This isn’t a story about Linux.  Or Open Source.  Or anything even remotely enterprise-y.

No, sir.  This is a story about a little girl and a small chameleon.

In the far away land of Scotland (at least it’s far away from me), there is a young girl named Ella.  Two years ago, Ella got her very own plush chameleon from a tech conference that SUSE was at.

That little, green chameleon (which was named “chameleon”, a word Ella was very proud to know) became a good friend.

Then, one day, the chameleon disappeared.  Ella and her mom looked high and low.  But it was no use.  Either the chameleon was being extra good at camouflage (which he is known to do from time to time)… or the little guy was well and truly lost.

EllaLuckily, Ella’s mom thought to contact SUSE with their sad tale.  And, as luck would have it, we happened to find Ella’s lost chameleon.  The sneaky, green guy was hanging out in continental Europe with some of his other chameleon friends (as chameleon’s are wont to do).  The going theory is that he was on holiday and simply lost track of time.

A few days later, the chameleon arrived home — safe and sound — back in Scotland.  With his good friend, Ella.

And, we’re told, they promptly had lunch and settled in to watch Balamory.

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  • tech9iner says:

    Such a sweet little tale amidst all our busy.. ahem.. shall we just say.. ‘grownup’ lives! Grand karma for sharing it methinks!

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