It's Election Time


No, not really, we wouldn’t want to subject you to the political fray. But there is a chance for you to vote.

We were happy to learn recently that SUSE Cloud 2.0 offering was nominated for the best Infrastructure as a Service category in the 2013 Storage, Virtualization, Cloud (SVC) Awards.

The SVC awards are intended to reward products, projects and services, as well as honor companies and teams operating in the cloud, virtualization and storage sectors. The SVC Awards are designed to recognize the achievements of end-users, channel partners and vendors alike.

SUSE Cloud 2.0 is our latest achievement to offer solid performance and incredible flexibility in delivering true private cloud performance to customers. That’s real cloud, an installed OpenStack-based platform, not some vapor and hype.

If you are one of our many SUSE Cloud users, we invite you to vote in the SVC awards and show your appreciation for SUSE Cloud and any other nominees you like. Cloud computing is a booming sector and it’s nice for people to be recognized for their efforts along the way.

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