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It's Election Season… Vote for SUSE at the OpenStack Summit!


Vote_SUSE2The campaign trail can be a hot and dusty place, but that has not deterred the SUSE Team from pulling out all the stops and coming up with some superb content for the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Austin at the end of April. The sessions have been submitted – over 30 in all – but that’s just the beginning. Now it’s up to you the voter to determine what content actually gets selected by the session committee. And you can influence their selection by exercising your 15th amendment right to vote for the sessions you would most like to see (or have others see if you can’t be there). Votes need to be in by February 17th, so don’t delay!

It’s easy to vote – just scroll down to the bulleted list below, and click on the links. Cast your vote at the top of each session description (we suggest clicking on “Would love to see!”). You can see which sessions you’ve already voted for because the vote marker at the top will be blue.

Naturally, we would LOVE you to vote for SUSE sessions, not because our developers want a free trip to Austin, but because they really ARE interesting and topical to the whole OpenStack community. Let me give you some examples:

In “Cook your way to a hyper-converged OpenStack“, Alejandro Bonilla puts on his chef hat and provides a recipe for how businesses can combine storage, network and compute resources on a single OpenStack node to reduce cost and increase reliability and performance.

In “Shared filesystems management (Manila); forging the way ahead“, Cameron Seader teams up with NetApp to show how the Manila project enables a new generation of shared file services and provides pointers on where to best utilize Manila in their OpenStack workloads.

In “High availability for pets and hypervisors – State of the Nation“, Adam Spiers and members of a newly formed upstream OpenStack HA team discuss the importance of HA for the compute node, compare the various approaches,  and explain the current thinking, challenges presented, and future directions.

In “One cloud strategy to rule them all: how an OpenStack cloud can satisfy VDI needs alongside DevOps and applications“, SUSE teams up with Leostream to show how moving your virtual desktop infrastructure workloads into your OpenStack cloud can eliminate expensive, legacy VDI stacks and provide cloud-based, on-demand desktops to users across your organization. See this excellent post by Leostream.

In “The OpenStack of things“,  Sayali Lunkad presents her ideas for an IoT platform with OpenStack at its heart that will be to talk to millions (and eventually billions) of devices.

In “Hands-On: Orchestrating Docker containers with Heat“, Rick Ashford and Sean Rickerd will coach developers and system administrators as they roll up their sleeves and actually build Docker-based web services through the OpenStack Orchestration framework.

In “Mainframes in the cloud“, Pete Chadwick teams with IBM to show the benefits of adding a mainframe to your hypervisor mix, and by deploying OpenStack and connecting it to z/VM, how customers can process large workloads for many concurrent users and apply new management technologies, all while realizing significant operational savings.

Here’s the full list:

Thanks for your vote!

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