Edge scale: transitioning from challenge to accelerated insight


Most firms recognize and accept that data from the Edge is going to result in a data management challenge. This next-level data is going to give firms next-level insight, which can be harnessed to drive efficiency, identify weaknesses, drive rapid optimization, and provide predictable business insights and opportunities. And whether it is at the point of data creation, or long-term storage and analysis of the data over the years that follow, technology is ready to let firms proactively build an Edge data management strategy and implement it.

Edge and data management experts from Dell Technologies and SUSE recently discussed our edge solutions in a webinar.

Topics of discussion were:

  • Core, near and far Edge – and the data created at each
  • The technology needed to implement an Edge strategy
  • How companies have already derived commercial benefit from Edge data
  • The value of data from the Edge over days, months, and years
  • The technology that lets you define and implement a long-term data management strategy

View the recorded webinar here.

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