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Dynatrace: Digital Performance Management for SUSE OpenStack Cloud


I recently had the opportunity to attend Dynatrace Perform in Las Vegas, which was billed as the event for those who view digital performance management as critical to their business.

So, what’s digital performance management all about, how is Dynatrace meeting customer needs, and what can they do for you if you’re using SUSE platform technologies, particular SUSE OpenStack Cloud?

Firstly, Dynatrace knows that cloud infrastructure, applications, and websites are essential to business and require 24/7 attention. That’s why they say they’ve shifted their approach to “Digital Performance Management” – to support the needs of modern businesses.

A few things you may not know about Dynatrace:

  • Dynatrace is the only vendor offering a unified full-stack monitoring solution
  • They span cloud-native to complex enterprise infrastructure with the most sophisticated monitoring – taking advantage of artificial capabilities.
  • They take a proactive versus reactive approach that automatically pinpoints the root cause of performance problems in seconds
  • They enable real-time customer experience monitoring for unmatched insight into users’ digital journey


Dynatrace synthetic monitoring emulates all major desktop and mobile browsers to comprehensively simulate real customer journeys from thousands of locations around the world

I was impressed to see how quickly Dynatrace has expanded its scope and reach beyond traditional application performance monitoring (APM) to leadership in “Digital Performance Management”. By the way, their customers include 72 of the Fortune 100. They boast over 8,000 customers worldwide, including 9 of the top 10 cloud providers, 8 out of 10 of the top banks, and 8 out of 10 of the top retailers.

Into DevOps

At Perform, a number customers talked about enhancing DevOps capabilities by using Dynatrace to more thoroughly load test new applications and services before they go into production. One customer said they’re deploying agents in different places throughout development and pre-production environments, and what they really like is they can move agents around easily to gain visibility where they need it.

One large financial services customer talked using Session Replay to aid DevOps. Apparently, it allow users to take the logs of a user or customer session and reconstruct it on-screen. In this way, developers are able to witness any problem that a user or customer was reporting and trying to describe, in the way that they witnessed it. Pretty cool.

Dynatrace and SUSE OpenStack Cloud

A challenge of modern application environments based on OpenStack is they can extend to thousands of nodes, with multiple hypervisor technologies, distributed across data centers around the globe. Managing operations and maintenance in such a distributed system is challenging. OpenStack troubleshoot­ing is a non-trivial task that takes time, knowledge and experience. Hundreds of log files are written by numerous ser­vices with several configuration files to countless virtual and physical machines—the possibilities for errors seem endless. Manual root cause analysis is like looking for the needle in the haystack. In contrast to conventional monitoring tools, which typically cover only a single monitoring domain, Dynatrace provides a single uni­fied monitoring solution to OpenStack environments.

How Dynatrace Works with SUSE 

Dynatrace is SUSE Ready™ Certified and comes with built-in support for SUSE OpenStack Cloud providing a full picture of the environment in real-time. Dynatrace OneAgent auto-discovers and instruments all components in the technology stack— from the infrastructure layer up to the application running on SUSE OpenStack Cloud. A single dashboard gives deep insights into the OpenStack environment and everything running on it:

  • OpenStack controller nodes
  • OpenStack services
  • Supporting services like message queues and databases
  • OpenStack compute nodes, including their resource utilization and availability
  • Overview of your instances, their health, and individual resource consumption

 My Take

Digital Performance Management is more comprehensive and far-reaching that traditional APM, and a good example of where Dynatrace seems to be heading with its customers. With increasingly sophisticated capabilities that offer more visibility, enable proactive management, and are easier to implement and use, Dynatrace is empowering users add more value to IT and more positively impact a wider range of business operations.

For More Information

Blog: www.dynatrace.com/blog/six-mistakes-in-your-openstack-monitoring-processand-how-to-fix-them/

Website: https://www.dynatrace.com/technologies/cloud-and-microservices/openstack-monitoring/

Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFN0mlhtGpU

Website: www.dynatrace.com/technologies/cloud-and-microservices/openstack-monitoring/features/

Press release: www.dynatrace.com/company/newsroom/press-release/dynatrace-launches-first-enterprise-ready-digital-performance-monitoring-solution-for-openstack/


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