Download Kernel Source


This script will download the latest vanilla kernel source, ChangeLog and signature file and sort them into the appropriate directories. The script also checks to see if the source file has been tampered with and also emails you when a new kernel has been downloaded. This script requires the GPG from the website ( in order to check the authenticity of the kernel source archive.

This script is really useful if you want to have the latest vanilla kernel source at hand and be notified when a new kernel has been released.

The variables that you will need to edit are:

ROOT_DIR – This variable should specify a directory of where you would like to store the kernel source.

Proxy – If you don’t have a proxy you will need to delete the default value of or change it to your proxy servers IP address.

ADMIN – This variable holds the email addresses that should be notified when a new kernel has been released.

I strongly recommend putting this script in a cron job.

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