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DINAcon 2017 Open Source Award for SUSE


SUSE receives DINAcon Award 2017 for its significant role establishing Linux in the data center over the last 25 years

Blog by Markus Wolf and Marc Robischung, SUSE

The DINAcon Award for digital sustainability is a Swiss award for outstanding open source projects. The award is hosted by CH open, the Swiss national initiative, fostering open source and open standards.  A successor to CH Open Source Awards, DINAcon Award honors courage and innovation of companies, authorities, communities, developers and individuals.


We are very proud, that SUSE received the DINAcon Award 2017 at the DINAcon Conference in Bern, Switzerland.

SUSE received the DINAcon Special Award for its significant role over the last 25 years, making enterprise-grade Linux a standard in the data center.

DINAcon / Diego Saldiva

We congratulate the other DINAcon 2017 Awards winners: Open Source Classic for Jitsi Meet (video conferencing), Open Source Business for Elexis (doctor’s office solution), Open Source Hero for Swiss Open Street Map Community and Open Internet for Open Network Infrastructure Association.

Many Swiss customers rely on SUSE for their mission critical business such as Coop, Endress + HauserGeberit or Viollier and others in finance and banking, insurance, food or pharmaceutical.

SUSE is also part of the Parldigi initiative, which fosters digital sustainability within the administration and government bodies and is a working group of CH open.


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