DIMOCO: Driving agility and scale with SUSE Rancher


“As we grow, containers are the most sensible and coherent direction for us to take. Working with SUSE Rancher, we get the most out of Kubernetes while reducing our management burden.” Philipp-Michael Radl, Senior Systems Engineer, DIMOCO.

DIMOCO, an industry leader at the cutting edge of mobile technology, has paved the way in direct carrier billing, mobile payments, and messaging services.

Driving development agility at scale is the number one priority for DIMOCO as it looks to galvanize and better support its legion of developers and simplify management processes to maintain its leadership going forward.

In 2017 DIMOCO’s use of containers began as a side project, but as time progressed the number of development teams and projects proliferated, and thoughts turned to how best to hasten and improve the provisioning of development environments. At this stage, the decision was taken to transform DIMOCO’s development hub and build the central architecture around Kubernetes.

When choosing a Kubernetes management platform, the DIMOCO team devised key selection criteria that needed to be met. The successful platform had to be capable of scaling rapidly with demand, and it had to bring simplicity and ease of cluster management. It also needed to integrate with existing systems and allow for future cloud migration.

After evaluating several options, the team realized SUSE Rancher met all of its requirements and conducted a month-long proof of concept (PoC) in May 2019.

Scale and agility

After the successful PoC, SUSE Rancher integrated perfectly with DIMOCO’s existing infrastructure, enabling authentication with active directory, and working flawlessly with VMware.

After the PoC phase the project went live, and the team started migrating DIMOCO’s portfolio of payment providers into production in SUSE Rancher. As services were migrated an immediate improvement in efficiency was apparent. Clusters were created in minutes and deployed with minimal human intervention, resulting in an 80% reduction in deployment and management time and a 75% reduction in maintenance and update time.

SUSE Rancher automates a host of deployment processes, but the user can still be selective about which processes are automated. This tailored approach has hastened development, simplified management, and improved security, allowing the team to devote time to new high value projects.

At the same time, the infrastructure team benefits from a central management interface through which each individual microservice can be viewed, managed, and monitored, helping DIMOCO fulfil its regulatory and compliance obligations.

The next phase will see the team onboard customers in more territories and migrate additional business areas. With SUSE Rancher, DIMOCO can create micro-clusters in moments; this ability to scale and stage at speed, allows business growth at a greater velocity than was previously possible.

The team is also starting to make small steps toward the cloud. As this strategy crystallizes, SUSE Rancher will allow DIMOCO to experiment in the safety of separate dev and test environments.

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Imran Khan