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Deployment and Security Updates for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications


I believe this is going to be my shortest blog ever and it may even fit in a couple of tweets. While most of my time in the last weeks was exclusively reserved to ensure that SUSECON’s Developer Lounge is going to be a success, we shouldn’t forget that there are also a couple of those product launches happening.

And it feels like it is the same drill every year (every Product {Marketing} Manager knows what I am talking about). The annual company fair is approaching and as a Product Manager you need to ensure to deliver the next product or service pack right in time, just before the event in order to leverage the event as much as possible. With SUSECON next week, the particular service pack in question is SLES for SAP Applications 12 Service Pack 3.

While in the past there was an offset of roughly 1-6 months between a Service Pack of SLES and the corresponding SLES for SAP Applications one, since SP2 we release those Service Packs in lockstep with SLES. And while SP3 for SLES for SAP Applications is a roll-up release (like SP3 is for SLES) we still added quite a few enhancements and new functionality:

  • It is now possible to kick-off the SAP Installation Wizard (Install SAP NetWeaver or SAP HANA with just 5 clicks) when installing SLES for SAP Applications through SUSE Manager
  • Furthermore, new capabilities have been added to Remote Disk Encryption, like KMIP support and a remote unmount/lock functionality
  • System Tuning through saptune now also supports SAP BusinessObjects and SAP ASE (Sybase), besides existing SAP NetWeaver, SAP HANA, and MaxDB.
  • The SAP Installation Wizard is now capable to automate SAP HANA MCD installation as well as provides TDI support (w.r.t. correct partitioning of disks)
  • Last but not least, with SLES for SAP Applications 12 SP3, both supported architectures (x86-64 and ppc64le) are released simultaneously

If you want to learn more, join us either at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas or our very own SUSECON in lovely Prague next week to learn more about what SUSE has in stock for SAP customers.

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