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Quickly deploy Kubernetes on OpenStack with SUSE 


If you’ve tried to deploy a Kubernetes test cluster or a full-blown production environment, you know how trying it can be. Rather than poke around in the dark, you can get started with a SUSE integrated solution that can get you off the ground quickly, give you confidence and allow you to start taking advantage of all Kubernetes has to offer.

Upload Heat scripts to deploy your Kubernetes cluster.

The content in this SUSE Guide, which Simon Briggs and I first presented at OpenStack Summit Berlin, shows you how to use SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE CaaS Platform to deploy a complete, fully virtualized Kubernetes cluster. It’s built with Heat scripts – YaML files that enable you to define and redefine your cluster. In our case, we also used SUSE Enterprise Storage as the back-end store for our OpenStack implementation.

Any production-ready Kubernetes deployment takes planning and collaboration across your teams. Sitting down early on in the process to hash out a few basics – documented in your Heat scripts – can make the end result ideal for everyone involved, from your storage and networking teams to the developers who plan to use it all.

If your plans are less ambitious, you can use a basic template and spin up a Kubernetes cluster in about 15 minutes. This guide shows you how.

Download the SUSE Guide and see how SUSE products integrate to give you a complete solution for your container infrastructure.


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