One of the major features of SUSE Cloud has been to make this thing called cloud computing a whole lot easier. Today this feature gets even better with the general availability of Dell SUSE Cloud Solution. A combination of Dell PowerEdge servers and SUSE Cloud, this new solution we’ve announced with Dell at this week’s OpenStack Summit will enable simpler enterprise deployment of a private cloud environment.

That simplicity begins at installation, with tight integration between OpenStack and Crowbar, an open-source project initiated by Dell. Crowbar simplifies deployment, management and administration of physical cloud infrastructure.

Customers using SUSE Cloud will benefit from the largest portfolio of certified third-party applications running on Linux as well as certifications on all that Dell hardware. So, both SUSE and Dell customers can be assured that the software and infrastructure solutions they use today will move to the cloud with them.

Another feature that cannot be ignored: SUSE Cloud includes 24×7 worldwide technical support.

This announcement has been highly anticipated by out SUSE Cloud team ever since last September, when Dell’s John Igoe spoke to SUSECon attendees and outlined his vision of Dell’s and SUSE’s partnership. The matching of SUSE Cloud and Dell’s Crowbar was a perfect fit, Igoe explained, delivering something that’s been a bit lacking in cloud computing: environments that are easier to install.

Today’s announcement is one milestone in Igoe’s vision, a partnership from which Dell and SUSE customers will reap big benefits when they want to deploy a private cloud environment. If you’re in Portland, OR this week for the OpenStack Summit, stop by SUSE and find out more about this offering, and get information on the availability of a beta version of SUSE Cloud based on OpenStack Grizzly. Or reach out to your Dell sales representative to find out more.

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