Delivery Hero leverages SAP on SUSE to deliver food around the world

Delivery Hero: SAP and SUSE helping people around the world enjoying their favorite food


Delivery Hero is an online food-delivery service who wanted to become the market leader in the online food-ordering industry. They knew that in order to achieve that goal, they had to grow organically and through acquisitions around the world. Therefore, they needed fast and effective deployment of capital to support massive growth. They needed a way to capture capital requests from around the globe, review them, approve projects that make sense, and then deploy funds to maintain growth speed and scale.

The real hero: SAP automated workflows

SAP equipped Delivery Hero with a capital approval automated workflow that supports funding for 1,000+ employees working on development and marketing projects across the company and around the globe. As capitalization approvals used to be very time-consuming due to missing standardization, Delivery Hero decided to set up a generic workflow framework by utilizing the SAP Cloud Platform, and in particular, the Workflow Service in combination with the Business Rule Service and Document Service.

From zero to (Delivery) hero

With the help of SAP’s automated workflows, Delivery Hero was able to grow from zero to 1+ million daily order in only 8 years, across 42 countries. The project has enabled the approval of dozens of business cases every month resulting in a fast growth around the globe. By implementing automation, customers now perceive a simple and convenient process and also employees embrace the new automation solution as it empowers the whole delivery chain to get answers quickly and keep the business moving. Due to this success, there is now demand for more such SAP-enabled automation workflows across the company.

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