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Day 3 Part II – Demopalooza


As usual Erin Quill, our Technology Evangelist, and his green tech-savvy entourage brought to life all the magic of SUSE’s Open Source technology onstage last night in the Demopalooza.

The usual suspects were all there including:

  • Rob de Canha-Knight, Technical Strategist
  • Kevin Smith, Technical Sales Director
  • Cameron Seader, Technical Strategist
  • Jeff Price, Principal Architect

Casting technical wizardry and sharing a number of different demos from the cool technology we’ve launched recently and here at SUSECON, they started with Containers as a Service Platform Version 2, then decided it was time to build a SUSE merchandise shop so they could get hold of the coolest SUSE goodies. However… we’re not quite sure how they managed to get beer in there… (Oh yes, there was beer again!)

Included in the demo was SUSE’s intelligent software-defined storage management solution, SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 based on the Luminous release of Ceph Open Source project. The Demopalooza team previewed the new Cloud Application product due out later this year, which uses industry-leading Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes technologies. Finally, they demo’d SUSE Manager 3.1, which launched in June.

So I don’t want to give TOO much away – go and watch it yourself (and maybe grab yourself a beer in the process!)

That rounds up this year’s fantastic SUSECON 2017 – don’t forget to go and watch all the videos from the week, and we’ll look forward to seeing you next year as we go back to the the United States of America for SUSECON 2018!

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  • Rob de Canha-Knight says:

    Hi Jo.

    Kev demoed SES 5 and Jeff SUSE Manager 3.1 (I think you got the version numbers the wrong way round as we definitely haven’t launched SUSE Manager 5 yet although I am excited to see what comes down the line next in SUSE Manager 4!)

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