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Data Transformation taken Out-of-this- World @ SUSECON Digital 2021 with Fujitsu and SUSE


As we prepare for our second annual online SUSECON Digital event, we’ve extended our theme of ‘Innovate Everywhere’ and taken it quite literally.  This year, SUSECON will ‘launch’ into another universe, and take you to three virtual worlds; Linux World, Kube World and Edge World.  Where your SUSECON rocketship will take you, will be up to you.  But, what we can promise you is that SUSECON Digital 2021 will be ‘out-of-this-world’.

This year, during SUSECON’s interactive experiences, Fujitsu and SUSE want you to be inspired by all the possibilities that your digital transformation will bring, so register today and get ready to come on this amazing journey with us.
As we welcome Fujitsu to be a cornerstone sponsor, for the sixth SUSECON in a row, we couldn’t be more pleased with this year’s theme.  After all by working together, Fujitsu and SUSE takes the opportunities that data transformation provides and propels you into a future of a Hybrid-IT and multi-cloud organisations, where the promises of Edge to core to cloud, AI learning, predictive data and more become a reality.

Together, we help our customers to create innovative approaches to their business challenges, and there is no better way to see how we do this than at SUSECON. In addition to the Keynote session  with Sheng Liang, President of Engineering & Innovation at SUSE, Sheng will also be speaking Udo Würtz, Fujitsu’s Chief Data Officer BLP EMEA, about Customer Data Transformation Strategies, Infrastructure and the integration of Containers and Kubernetes.

And that’s not all, Fujitsu will deliver three technical breakout sessions….

Fujitsu SUSECON Sessions

KeyNote: Udo Würtz, Chief Data Officer, Fujitsu BLP EMEA, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Business Development Director, Products EMEA, Fujitsu
Breakout 1: Simplifying the Path to the Intelligent Enterprise by Rohan DeSouza Head of SAP Infrastructure Sales, Fujitsu [SPO1198]

In Rohan DeSouza’s session you will learn how Fujitsu and SUSE support organizations in their data-driven transformation process. Different scenarios around building a hybrid cloud, minimizing downtime, monitoring and automation, as well as the overall adoption across edge-core-cloud will envision the path the intelligent enterprise.

Breakout 2: Cloud Native and Cloud Agnostic DevSecOps Architecture for Digital Transformation by Neeraj Arora, Future Strategy Offering Lead at Fujitsu Australia Ltd [SPO1207]

Neeraj Arora will illustrate Fujitsu’s offering of one-click Deployment of new Cloud Native Software ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) infrastructure for your multi cloud requirements and fully integrated toolsets to get your Dev & Ops team started day 1. The multi cloud Control plane enables customers to maximize the investment in Cloud Native technologies as they look to build Enterprise Centric Application Service Delivery Platforms.

Breakout 3: Container Linux – A Landscape View of the Evolving Ecosystem by Lothar Wieske, Lead Enterprise Architect, Fujitsu [SPO1228]

Lothar Wieske session will discuss how at the rapid advancement of containers and kubernetes lead among many other innovations to new Linux distributions specifically designed and optimized to run containers.  In this talk we sketch the beginnings of these developments and introduce some of its most prominent examples.

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We can’t wait and I hope you’re as excited as we are for SUSECON Digital 2021! See you online!


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