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Customer Stories: A Win-Win


Any sales person or marketer would affirm that best practices and success stories belong to the most powerful and versatile sales and marketing tools a company can create. Far from being a mere listing of product’s features and benefits, a good case study truly focuses on the customer. They highlight how businesses overcome obstacles, so no wonder they’re so effective. But why should you as a customer agree to invest your time to be featured in success stories?

Here are some of the reasons why a good customer case is a win-win for both customers and vendor:

  1. It’s positive publicity – by making their best practices public, you as a company are solidifying your reputation as a thought leader in your industry.
  2. It creates awareness (blogs, websites, social media activities, etc.) and attracts media coverage.
  3. It can be used internally to showcase to your own colleagues how your actions helped your company to  achieve important goals, for example cost saving and/or increased productivity
  4. It can support you to win awards, as your success story can be submitted to industry award programs.
  5. It helps you intensify your relationship with SUSE, lifting it to new levels of cooperation and ensuring more direct access. This means usually our reference customers are invited to attend customers meetings and events, to participate in beta test programs for our products, and they can much easier hand on feature requirements and improvements for the next versions of our products.Blog_Customer_Stories

Next time you are asked by the SUSE team to become a reference customer or to share your experiences on a case study, why don’t just think about the advantages that this can also report to you?

Have a look at: to see whom to join.

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