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Freshly updated with new comments.
We’ve been poring over the comments coming in from people who are trying the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Pre-release, and it’s great to see the widespread enthusiasm for the new features, the elegant interface, and the ease of use for end-users. Take a look at some of the comments and early reactions. (To paraphrase Sally Field, “You like it! You really, really like it!”)

Try it for yourself, and then take the survey and let us know what you think.

Top-cited reasons you like it

  • “Fun” factor of the interface. Clean look. Simply beautiful. Astounding.
  • Usability, efficiency
  • Includes XEN
  • Much better than Vista
  • Noticeable improvements over last version
  • Ease of upgrade from SLES 9 to 10
  • Ease of installation
  • Industry-grade OS
  • Complete feature set for productivity
  • Ease of use for endusers
  • New Application Menu Structure
  • XGL Integration
  • AppArmor
  • Support for PHP5 and MySQL5
  • Price for value

User Comments

NEW – It’s about time! Simply beautiful. Thank you so much for breaking my dependency on Microsoft. Excellent comparable product at a fraction of the price and less headaches from maintenance.
–Terry M., Canada, Government – Federal

NEW – I love it. This is going to save us a fortune in licenses. And it has everything that we need in a basic package.
–Chuck R., US, Education

NEW – SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is a massive step in the right direction! The xgl 3d effects for the desktop are more than just eye candy, they can truly increase your daily efficiency. From dragging programs to different sides of your desktop cube, to “peeking” behind full screen programs by dragging the title bar, it was truly eye opening. Novell is back!
–Robert W., US, Professional Services Business

NEW – It’s amazing! I’ll be buying a copy as soon as it is released. 3D desktop features are wonderful.
–Dean L., Canada, Higher Education

NEW – It’s about damn time! High quality desktop for linux! Don’t forget to market the crap out of this product!!
–Patrick M., US, Software

NEW – Very cool. By far the most polished Linux desktop I’ve ever used. Everything worked right out of the box – something that Ubuntu did not do.
–Chris H., US, Retail Banking

NEW – After using SLED 10 for a couple weeks, I swtiched to running Windows on SLED in vmware rather than SLED on windows in vmware. It’s just that much better.
–Christopher S., US, Higher Education

NEW – Just to see the face of a dedicated Windows user, when you give a short demonstration of SLED 10. That’s priceless.
–Gert P., Netherlands

NEW – Well Sweet. I have been waiting for a enterprise ready desktop with windows AD support and a slick consistent control panel and interface like windows xp for years and now it is here. Totally love it guys.
–Blair D., Australia

NEW – It is starting to look good for linux on the desktop! SLED 10 is a definite step towards the perfect distro.
–Andreas T., Sweden, Government – State and Local

NEW – It is really great. XEN will be a big topic out there. Also AppArmor. Handling became much better with version 10. And the desktop can be a XP killer. Just go out and tell them. Just one word: Marketing 😉
–Andreas O., Germany

NEW – This is the most polished, easy to use, best ‘stiched’ together Distro I’ve ever tried. I really like your “Computer” menu design as well as the little but hugely effective improvements such as the transparent cursor and alt+tab window position outlining. Keep up the great end-user focused development!
–Kevin B., US

NEW – Amazing! This can really be a direct alternate for every Microsoft-User. When it comes to Vista (I have tested also the Beta2) then SLED10 with activated Xgl is showing what Microsoft has missed with its “Aero-UI” – Xgl works perfect, has a lot more useful features and it really works without any crash or slowing-down…. The new start menu in the panel is also a real cool new solution, expecially for folks brand-new to Linux who are just overwhelmed how many apps to find in a Linux Distro. The whole Product just is almost perfect, looks wonderful and makes a much more stable look than many other Linuxes – but what matters the most : it is extendable (with Suse 10.1 repos) and it Works. After I have added W32-codecs and the Xine with libdvdcss I can manage all my WMA-Music and watch my DVDs – yahoos Website with java-games works, CNNs Livestreams do work as the whole Web shows no lack – OpenOffice as usual opens all my Microsoft Docs and XLS… You have made a real good product.

Believe me : if usual people see the SLED working on their machines I bet more would consider to switch over completely to it ) – and why not then pay 30-50 Euros for a feature-complete OS together with all that apps? …The Name Novell now has a good reputation 😉
–Sascha J., Germany

NEW – I would (will) purchase this for home use. The new Main Menu is wonderful- and a Linux Desktop First. This.. THIS! is the innovation and quality that SUSE is famous for.
–Eric P., US, Professional Services Business

I have been looking forward to SLED 10 for a while. I have been using 10.1 on my primary desktop since it was released and although very impressive, it has had its issues. SLED 10 so far seems to be a much more polished and stable release. The UI improvements are convenient and logical. I am looking forward to running SLED 10 on my computers for a long time to come.
–Adam M., US, Government

It is refreshing to experience a combed-through, cleaned-up Linux that can be trusted as a server and easily slip into use at the desktop. Thank you for making SUSE Enterprise 10 a reality.
— Mel R., US

I really like it. The features for companies are great. The only thing left is a tool for managing XEN, which is one of the hottest features for the companies out there. Also AppArmor will be another argument for SLE. And the last barrier fell with the OpenOffice version in the SLED: macros.
–Andreas O., Germany, Higher Ed

Freakin’ awesome! I’d played with beta 8 and managed to get the XGL stuff working, but love the ease of use of the visual stuff in the release. The 3d effects are great. If it only gets better than this than I think you guys are really on to something. Worked fine with my iPod nano too! This will definitely get a good write up in our next company newsletter. Easiest linux I’ve used yet. Looking forward to getting my hands into SLES 10 now……..
–Danny G., Australia, Consulting

Setup was a breeze. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the interface makes it easy to get work done. It runs circles around Windows XP anytime. This will finally move me to the world of Open Source.
–Kenneth G., US, Communications

Out-of-box software for an out-of-world experience.
–Karthik S., Germany, Higher Ed

The new interface makes it much much easier for Windows users to make the switch to a Linux Desktop. I think Novell did a outstanding job on this release of the suse desktop. Of all the tasks I do every day I think I’m able to do 90% using the Linux Desktop. For the other 10% it is Vmware for some local apps and Citrix for office applications.
–Harald van B., Netherlands, Professional Services Business

Finger-Lick’n-Good SuSE; best yet. Installed quickly and cleanly. Very complete. About to become my base OS.
–Dick D., US, Software

Love it. Finaly something endusers can use that is easier than MS. Get XEN to allow VM of Windoze and you will own the market.
–Michael S., US, Higher Ed

I’ve always had trouble using Linux as my main desktop system. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 has bridged the gaps I disliked in other distributions. SLES 10 makes managing a server much easier for those who are inexperienced with the command-line. Thank you Novell for helping me switch to Linux!
–Justin K., Canada

I love this product!! I installed it and was amazed at the difference in the user interface, security, stability and wireless access. I was having an issue using wireless with encryption. In this release even this was flawless.
–Michael C., US, Healthcare

Novell really needs to advertise more. This new desktop is hardly known outside of the underground Linux news. More innovations such as Xgl and the like would place Novell in a lead position over almost everyone with time to come. All I can say is I am going to drill this product into peoples mind as I meet them. Amazing things are coming from Novell of late.
–Rodger B., US, Software

Linux has finaly become very useable! Who needs Windows anymore? Keep up the good work!
–Father E., Greece, Monastery

Finally, it’s done, and the result is truly impressive.
–Rasmus P., Germany, Software

It’s great, perfect integration and very well designed for enterprise use! A++
–Gideon de K., Netherlands

As another reviewer said, SLED 10 is the most polished Linux desktop available today. Compared to the mess that is the Windows Vista beta, I’d say it is also the most polished “beta” desktop.
–Christopher M., US, Communications

Excellent desktop, very cool. Will be running this instead of XP at home.
–John F., New Zealand, Communications

I love it. It blows Vista out of the race. Hopefully Novell will be able to reclaim some of the IT market.
–David W., Australia, Software

I think it’s pretty good – runs flawlessly even for a pre-release. Nice GUI, and I like the fact that all software is grouped and more easy to find.
–Christopher D., US, Communications

It is an amazing attempt at Linux for the Desktop. With a few refinements you will have a Desktop to rival the big boys in the business!
–Colby B., US

It’s solid. I really like the new application menu structure. Instead of having to hunt for a program through an entire tree, it really opens everything up.
–Jeff A., US, Manufacturing (Electronics)

[Editor’s Note: we love this one.]
It’s very good, especially the start button. Even my mother was able to grasp it easily.
–Gurpreet Singh G., Singapore, Energy

It looks great, it is by far the best linux desktop I have seen.
–Joan M., US, Software

The installation was a breeze on my ThinkPad T42p. I was simply amazed at how easy it was to setup and get going. Even getting the cool XGL up and running was a no-brainer. You’ve done well with this by making it easy to use and applicable to all.
–Michael M., US

I read that you hit a home run with SLED 10. I really believe it is a grand slam! This is without a doubt the best desktop Linux I have ever seen. I’ve tried a whole bunch of distros, but this is the clear winner, hands down. Excellent work. I will definitely be purchasing the final release version.
–Jeff A., US, Manufacturing

SLED 10 is very impressive, and not even a final version yet. I like the simplicity of the layout, and the way everything “just works”. Even my Palm handheld just plugged in and synchronised with Evolution, no messing around with sim links, etc. I would really love to experience this OS in a corporate environment, of say 50 to 100 users. I am sure it would stand well above the current “standard office” setups. Thanks Novell!
–Peter M., Australia

Easily the best version of Linux I have tried. Installs right on to my AMD 4800 X2 64 bit processor with a Sata drive. No video problems at all with my X 800 ATI as I have had with other distributions. I love it! Great version! Great job Novell! I think that maybe Linux is ready for prime time with this release.
–Eugene T., US, Professional Services Business

SLED 10 look and feel is great, I like the compbiz desktop composition. Blows Vista away graphically.
–Nathan M., New Zealand

I have tested SLES 10 as much as SLED 10. I have installed the two versions in my protatil and work always with SLED 10 – this works perfectly and I believe that in the enterprise scope it is a very important step.
–Jorge Roberto Martinez P., Spain, Professional Services Business

I have recently downloaded and installed SLED 10 RC3 and can proudly say that it’s the best product available as of now for both home & business segment users.
–Ramesh D., India, Energy

Looks really good so far, guys and gals. I hope people realize how important it is to move away from Microsoft and into something more open. SUSE looks to be the distribution that will make that happen.
–Craig A., US, Software

After three years of Linux distros which have included RedHat, Fedora, Mandrake and SUSE, I want this distro BAD!
–Kevin C., US, Pharmaceutical (Bio Tech)

It’s great! The power of linux and the power of traditional Novell software, combined. The new desktop is beautiful!
— Emil L., Netherlands, Higher Ed

[Editor’s Note: This guy is in for a pleasant surprise when he sees the price tag.]
I can’t find anything wrong with it. It works like a dream. God, I hope I can afford it. It’s like a gift after years of struggle.
–Richard P., US

Awesome OS. It is now the system of choice for my laptop.
–Chris C., US, Professional Services Business

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