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Culture Can Both Paralyze and Empower IT


Intersection of culture and technology

At least once a day we see an advertisement, or read an article, or get a call saying, ”move your data to the cloud.” But what does that really mean?  Are we really moving data or are we deriving the benefits of extending our data center when more resources are needed? And what is the benefit?

SUSE’s team of consultants build efficiency and provides your business with a faster routes to market, allowing you more time to focus on looking forward and executing on projects that will allow your company to grow.  Do not focus on technology — that is our job.

I know you are thinking ‘Ryan, you can’t truly think that technology has nothing to do with my data center?”  Yes I am.  And for the reasons, read on.

Are You Considering Culture?

We often overlook the culture and processes within a company.  Culture is a large piece of the transformation puzzle and can be the main reason for failure. Let’s talk about two of the overlooked variables for building out a successful software defined enterprise:

Start with culture. Humans are not wired to embrace change. Because we are used to doing the same  things every day, we need to know how this change will benefit us.  That is, we need to answer the root question, “How will this help me?” And if that answer is not true and honest, we won’t embrace the change.

Involve lines of business.  If you are truly looking to move to a software defined data center, you must have consensus from the business.  Know their expectations and embrace their needs.  If the lines of business are not in for the ride, you will often meet resistance that will ultimately lead to failure.  Remember that planning, in both technology and business is essential to your success.

The Bottom Line:  Culture Matters

Successfully transforming your data center is not about buying a product defined by a word, but instead investing in a new culture. An enterprise delivered as a service, not bound by a product or license. It is about optimizing your data center to get the most value out of your data.  Work with SUSE to optimize your data center with the next generation in efficiency.

Technology does enable change, but people must know what they are changing to be successful. By including the lines of business you can address concerns or exchange ideas on how technology changes can help their departments. Understanding the benefits along with the pitfalls will result in a successful and complete journey to data center and application efficiency leading to a more efficient business.  This topic is vital for both the IT leaders and business directors in the organization to understand. Failure to plan is a plan for failure.

SUSE is Your Trusted Partner

SUSE is the only OPEN Open Source company.  Our Global Services teams understand the extremely important intersection of technology and culture. Let us be your trusted partner as you lay out the adoption of a successful data center implementation. Software defined everything is the future of business success. SUSE has both the solutions and the teams that will help you as you transform your business so you get the business outcomes you deserve.


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