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Creating better stroke treatment using AI and blockchain technology


In the beginning of this year my mother had a stroke. Although she is 75 years of age (at that point in time 74) these things always come unexpected. Luckily my dad responded immediately when he saw that she did not respond to his questions and dialed 112 (911 in other parts of the world). Again, she was lucky as the ambulance who responded to the call was nearby and within 60 minutes she was in the hospital on her way to surgery.


But in these critical 60 minutes my father got all kinds of questions on medical history, medicine usage, describing what happened and tons more. These questions were not asked once. Each answer needed to be repeated to the different people who treated my mother from their own discipline. Also, a lot of photos were taken and were constantly looked at by different doctors and nurses.


It’s therefore great to see that Tymlez, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and SUSE are partnering to provide Nico.lab and their partners the right infrastructure to smoothen this process. Cause Nico.lab and partners are the ones working on new technology where AI and blockchain will create a better stroke treatment. If you want to learn more about this I invite you to read the blogpost of Jeroen Bronkhorst who is Account Chief Technologist at HPE and wrote the article together with Merel Boers, PhD, Nico.lab chief research officer, and Reinier van der Drift, co-founder of Tymlez.


My mom was lucky as she is still here, we’re still able to have the same conversations as we did before, and she recovered for 95% because of that luck and the great people who treated her. But let’s make sure that these new technologies are available for her when it happens a second time to enable faster treatment time and to ensure that the treatment is the right treatment.


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